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about me

What say ,....... that I was born in Tournai, the City of Childeric, Clovis, Rogier de le Pasture ( Van Der Weyden ) in Belgium, I've always loved drawing, painting came later

the place where I "commit" My paintings are located in Wallonia Picarde to WILLEMEAU in Valley RIEU DE BARGES in entity TOURNAI .

....... that I am self

I had and I still suffered the influence of the great surrealist painter Magritte and Dali as .

The TROMPE-l'Oeil is for me the ultimate in painting, and most beautiful is that you can not see, that which is fully integrated into the landscape, one which is one with the environment .

Here are my favorite painters, for France: Pierre GILOU, Jacques POIRIER, Claude YVEL, Guy-Christian Canat, Bruno LOGAN, Valéry-VECU-Quitard, Michel BOUGAS ..... entr other, it is impossible to quote all, and they do not want me (if by chance he or she visited this site)

I have participated in group exhibitions in Belgium, France, Canada and Deutschland.
the only possibility to explain I was offered several times both in Belgium , France and Deutschland, so that some of my "works" are in private collections in Belgium, France, Deutschland, and Ykpaïha, LA REUNION island , Spain and that the museum Paul Valery in Sete in France.

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