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welcome to the virtual gallery of Claude CALONNE

Welcome to the virtual gallery of Claude CALONNE

I will try to share my hobby.
if you also practice the oil as an amateur or professional, very happy to meet you.

you will find photos of all my achievements in surrealist painting that trompe-l'oeil de chevalet ,both on canvas or on canvas on wood or on wood. I only use these materials for the realization of the project.

I also included paintings''other "as" marine "or" flash "that have nothing to do with the main subject but they have the merit to exist ..... so another facet of my creations and you'll still have discovered during your visit.

there are also surrealist paintings and trompe-l'oeil on board but these are "studies" that are not visible here.

you can add a comment at the bottom right of this page


( any reproduction or representation and full or partial without my permission is prohibited )

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